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   Welcome to this site dedicated to the Argentinian tango

 On  the main you will find

On the homepage: some explanations and information on various subjects, my e-mail adress and some links.

To concern history, you will find some historic development of the Argentinian tango in Buenos Aires, and in the world.

On the Argentinian tango pages, you will find what the tango represents for passionate people like us.

Then, under Stars of tango and Pictures gallery, Are illustrated biographies of some of the most famous stars (musicians and singers) of the tango.





Drawings below of Eric Antony

I see that a lot of peoples come to this site, thank at all of you, ladies or gentlemen, but may be you would give me your ideas to modified few parts of it, or to add things i forgot. So i will happy to know from you. See my mailbox hereafter: